Frequently Asked Questions

Arracca is a climate app that allows you to become carbon neutral with the tap of a button. Here’s how it works:

  1. Calculate and track your carbon footprint.
  2. Offset it by supporting verified climate projects.
  3. Live carbon neutral, see your impact grow, and inspire others.

How can we solve the climate change challenge? It’s a question we are all asking and there is a growing recognition that we need to get much smarter. Arracca is about more than just personal carbon offsets. Our mission is to turn climate neutrality into a mass movement and unleash the power of individual action at scale.

That’s why we’ve not only created the most lovable and empowering user experience for carbon-neutral living, but also one that multiplies your impact by allowing you to invite your friends to start living carbon neutral today.

We also believe our approach can also be applied to many so called “legacy” business. We intend to scale the business by forging new partnerships and a more sustainable future.

Think about it this way: The more people share their commitment to the climate, the more people join — and the more climate-conscious living will become the new normal. Everyone benefits.

Together, we can transform action into collective impact and make a measurable difference against the climate crisis. 

Arracca was founded to create the biggest possible impact for the climate — collectively and individually. Here’s how we aim to breaks that down financially:

  • 10% running cost: To make Arracca possible, we use 10% of what we make to cover our running costs including IT development, project selection, and infrastructure.
  • 70% individual impact: This goes directly to your personal offsetting projects, making sure you’re carbon-neutral from day one. These funds plant trees, expand solar energy access, and are invested in carbon sequestration projects.
  • 20% collective impact: No one can solve climate change alone. That’s why we invest 20% into impact marketing, spreading the word and getting more people involved. That way each user multiplies their own impact by reaching others.

Arracca will also make money every time you use your Arracca card from something called ‘interchange’ this is a standard fee paid by all merchants (online and physical stores) to accept card payments. We’ll use that fee to offset carbon even on the free entry level plan whenever you spend £60

So the more you use card for your everyday payments the more we can do to build a sustainable plant together.

We’re not, and here’s why: We have years, not decades, to reverse global warming. This means we need to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible, or in other words, we need to scale fast.

One sure fire way to do that? Placing investment into a robust, impact-first business model. That way we make sure to achieve the biggest climate impact we can.

We’re also in the process of becoming a certified B-Corporation, a new kind of business that balances business and purpose. After all, we consider the climate to be our biggest shareholder — and a healthy planet is the best dividend.

There is no single solution to stop climate change — it’s going to take creativity, dedication, and action from us all. Carbon offsetting is one big piece of that puzzle.

While political regulation or cleantech inventions can take decades to be implemented, offsetting allows you to take your footprint off the planet. right. now. That’s a big advantage and it’s why Arracca starts here and then shares ways to reduce your footprint further.

We encourage the Arracca community to adopt climate-healthy lifestyles and support political action to fight climate change. It’s crucial that we work on every front, pushing for short-term and long-term solutions that make our societies carbon neutral.

It’s simple just click here we will keep you updated about our exciting launch.

Also pretty easy… Just let your friends know about Arracca. Once they sign up, we will give you a boost up our waiting list and plant you a tree.