Building a

Sustainable Future

The Arracca App & Card will soon make it easy to track, reduce and remove CO2 emissions from everyday life. 

Register your interest today and once we go live you’ll be able to use it on your own, with your family or a business.

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Sustainable Wooden Debit Card

Take the path to a new sustainable lifestyle

Arracca’s cards will be made of FSC certified wood sustainably grown to respect the environment instead of single-use plastic. You can also opt for a virtual card as well.


Calculate your personalised monthly CO2 target, based on recommendations from the Intergovernmental Panel (IPCC) who is a UN body that evaluates climate science.

Enable GPS tracking to help us automatically predict emissions from daily journeys. Answer a simple question to tell us how you travelled to make your footprint as accurate as possible.


Check-in with your app to keep an eye on your progress as emissions update automatically.

Enjoy articles, tips & real-time feedback on your progress towards a planet-friendly lifestyle (with no judgement!).


No matter how much of a green lifestyle we strive to lead, we all emit CO2 from mobility choices – Arracca helps you ‘remove’ it through offsetting.

Auto-offset or ‘offset as you go’ to balance monthly emissions through verified carbon offsetting projects.

Flip to Arracca Desktop for more visual data &
build community engagement.

Build & engage a planet-friendly team

Engage and delight customers or employees through Arracca’s secure in-app area and accompanying web-based dashboard.

Be a part of the movement, join the waitlist

Be a part of the movement,

join the waitlist

Arracca makes carbon-neutral living simple for everyone but this is just the beginning. Our vision is to turn carbon neutrality into a mass movement and unleash the potential of individual action at scale.


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Planet-friendly living made possible. Track, reduce and remove your carbon footprint with Arracca. A friendly ‘eco-coach’ in your pocket.

Coming Soon

Arracca plans to launch a product for consumers in the UK in late 2021. This website provides a waitlist for a future offering. Arracca is not currently providing any live financial services or advice. Please register your details to be kept up to date with the product offerings and services.